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BTL Vanquish ME Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

Vanquish ME™ Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Treatment - Chelsea, NYC

The Perfect Treatment for Pain Free, Surgery Free, Fat Reduction and Body Sculpting

BTL Vanquish ME™ (Maximum Efficiency) is a state-of-the-art, non surgical, non-invasive, no-contact Radio Frequency (RF) device that is FDA Cleared for Circumferential Reduction designed to eliminate up to 60% of excess mid-section and other area fat, even when diet and exercise have failed. Treatment is non-invasive—the applicator is suspended over the abdomen about an inch above the skin—there is no downtime, no discomfort and it's affordable. For those who want results but don’t want to undergo the risks and downtime of a surgical procedure such as liposuction, Vanquish can help you conquer the core in as little as 4 treatments.

Vanquish™ Zaps Fat Permanently Without Ever Touching The Patient’s Body

How BTL Vanquish ME Works - Vanquish ME (Maximum Efficiency) is the newest pain free non invasive solution for non-surgical fat reduction, body-contouring, fat disrupting treatment.

Vanquish treatments are non-invasive and do not touch your body. The applicator handle hovers over the treatment area less than an inch above the skin. Vanquish ME uses a combination of radio frequency energy and high-tech sensors that are able to detect the fat levels in your body and then deliver a customized level of energy to heat and liquefy the fat. The body then naturally flushes the dead fat cells away.

It is the only no contact RF Technology with largest treatment area ensuring unrivaled level of patient comfort and safety. There is no downtime, no discomfort and it's affordable.

Why Choose Vanquish ME at Chelsea Face And Body?

Value and Results! Chelsea Face And Body is result driven, but in a fun and relaxing concierge setting. Most treatment providers of BTL Vanquish ME follow a standard industry set protocol of only four 30 minute sessions.At Chelsea Face And Body, we not only give you four 45 minute sessions, we throw in a fifth treatment for FREE. Thats almost twice as much time!

Vanquish Benefits:

  • Non-invasive – no anesthesia or needles, does not touch the skin
  • No pain – relax and take a nap while the device melts the fat away
  • Noticeable results after the first few treatments
  • The largest treatment area in the industry
  • Safe - little risk of side effect
  • Easy Fat Reduction
  • No downtime

BTL Vanquish ME FAQ's

Find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Vanquish® below.

How does BTL Vanquish ME work?

Vanquish will quickly and comfortably improve problem areas that just don’t respond to a healthy diet and exercise. Vanquish ME delivers intensive Radio Frequency energy in the form of heat from the top of the skin to targeted fat cells, causing their demise. Once the fat cells perish, they are flushed out by the body’s natural lympathic system. Healthy cells are left undamaged.

What areas can be treated with Vanquish®?

Vanquish™ treatments  effectively reduces fat on the upper and lower abdomen, love handles, upper and lower back, flanks,buttocks, arms, inner and outer thighs and even ankles. Vanquish treats the largest treatment area at one time compared to any other device available on the market.

What happens during a Vanquish ME Treatment? Will I feel any pain ? Are there any side effects?

Vanquish™ ME treatments do not actually touch your body and are pain free. One of the aesthetic experts at Chelsea Face And Body will position the machine over the treatment area and let you relax while your fat is being painlessly melted away. You will be closely monitored to make sure you are comfortable and treatment is progressing well. During the procedure you may feel a warming sensation, made comfortable with the addition of a small fan.

Patients describe a Vanquish ME treatment as being warm, like a heating pad. Because the device does not touch the skin, the only side effects may be skin that feels warm and only possibly slightly tender, with minor swelling and redness that normally subsides within a few minutes to hours.

How hot does Vanquish get?

Vanquish heats the surface of the treated skin area to 101 degrees, and the underlying fat to 120 degrees. The treatment just feels warm, like standing in front of a radiator.  

What should I expect after a Vanquish® Treatment

Immediately after your Vanquish fat reduction session, your skin will be slightly warm to the touch and may appear pink. The natural temperature of your skin will return shortly after your treatment. There is no downtime. You will be able to resume all normal activities immediately after your treatment.

What do I need to do to prepare for a Vanquish treatment?

Patients are advised to drink plenty of water before and after, which helps the body eliminate the dead fat cells. No special prep is needed. The non-surgical treatment requires no anesthesia and no recovery period. You’re free to return to your usual routine as soon as the session is finished.

To enhance results, patients are encouraged to be well hydrated the day of and day after treatment and to enjoy a walk or other light exercise. We recommend you stay well hydrated during the course of treatment. Staying well hydrated keeps your fat cells full and easier to target with radio frequency created heat. Additionally, extra hydration allows your body to better metabolize and flush out the dead fat cells. For optimal results, you should drink 8 glasses of water the day before, the day of and for two days after the procedure.

How soon will I see results?

While some patients report improvement and circimferential reduction after their first Vanquish™ treatment, most see noticeable change after their second or third session. By the time you finish your treatments, even your friends will likely be able to see a difference. Results will continue to improve for many weeks following your last treatment as your body continues to metabolize and flush out waste.

Vanquish destroys the entire fat cell, not just the fat inside the cell, making results successful long-term. These fat cells will never return, they are gone for good. Long-lasting results are sustainable with a healthy lifestyle.

Am I a Candidate for Vanquish™?

Vanquish™ treatments are safe for all healthy patients who want to take control of their core and improve the problem areas where exercise and diet have failed. This is an option for those who desire aesthetic improvement without the cost and recovery time of surgery. Vanquish is not appropriate for patients who have metal implants, are pregnant or nursing, or have certain other medical conditions. Your complete medical history will be discussed at your complimentary consultation to ensure the Vanquish treatment is safe for you.  

Why choose Vanquish™ over other non-invasive systems?

First and foremost, unlike other radio frequency devices, BTL Vanquish ME™ has obtained FDA approval for Circumferential Reduction. It reduces your circumference by permanently eliminating fat. Vanquish also treats the largest surface area of ANY machine in the industry, radio frequency, ultrasound or freezing. Vanquish is the most non-invasive option as it does not touch the skin. It has succeeded in creating a truly painless and effective method for permanent fat reduction.

How does BTL Vanquish ME™ differ from Coolsculpting (Fat Freezing)?

BTL Vanquish ME™ offers a painless and faster timeline for results compared to Coolsculpting. Vanquish ME results are usually visable at 7-10 days compared to 3 months for CoolSculpting.

Vanquish™ kills more than 60% of the targeted fat cells compared with only 20%-24% for Coolsculpting, which is more than double what fat freezing can offer.

There is also zero downtime with Vanquish ME, whereas Coolsculpting (fat freezing) causes downtime in the form of prolonged tingling, numbness, swelling, bruising and pain up to several months before a result is seen.

Coolsculpting offers only small isolated treatment areas, only what can be painfully pinched and sucked up into the various handpieces. Vanquish ME™ treats the largest surface area of any device on the market, is PAIN-FREE and MORE EFFECTIVE.

How BTL Vanquish ME Works