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DefanAge Skincare Products at Chelsea Face And Body NYC

DefanAge is a Radical Anti-Aging Skincare System

As the first and only 4th generation skin care  product line,  DefenAge™  unlocks the key to youth with powerful peptides called Age-Repair Defensins. The Defensins play a critical role in working together with your skin’s Master® stem cells for wound repair and supporting immune functions.

How Does DefanAge SkinCare Products Work?

The DefenAge product line works by protecting and concentrating the age-repair defensins in a potent liposomal system that helps them correct multiple signs of aging by spurring the creation of younger skin cells. DefenAge treats common maturing skin issues such as pore size, wrinkle size and depth, color and overall appearance.

Inspired by the recent discovery of the skin’s regeneration process, the scientists at DefenAge™ have identified how to unlock the key to youth with powerful peptides called Age-Repair Defensins. Recently, researchers have discovered the effects of the role of Defensins in the healing the skin. Defensins were first discovered through research on wound healing for Diabetes, through their research scientists discovered what an important role these peptides play in the function, immunity and healing of the skin. Peptides are compounds that are made up of two or more amino acids that are linked in a line that is joined to the next amino compound. Defensins are peptides that are naturally produced in the skin and other parts of the body.

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